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BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH CALSCALE:GREGORIAN PRODID:-//WordPress - MECv6.5.6//EN X-ORIGINAL-URL:https://saamuseum.org/ X-WR-CALNAME: X-WR-CALDESC:Southampton African American Museum REFRESH-INTERVAL;VALUE=DURATION:PT1H X-PUBLISHED-TTL:PT1H X-MS-OLK-FORCEINSPECTOROPEN:TRUE BEGIN:VEVENT CLASS:PUBLIC UID:MEC-8df7c2e3c3c3be098ef7b382bd2c37ba@saamuseum.org DTSTART:20220722T233000Z DTEND:20220723T010000Z DTSTAMP:20220512T081500Z CREATED:20220512 LAST-MODIFIED:20220719 PRIORITY:5 TRANSP:OPAQUE SUMMARY:Film Screening – THE INVENTOR DESCRIPTION:Film Screening – THE INVENTOR\nin Collaboration with the Southampton Arts Center\nFilm Directors and Producers: Philip Musey and Producer Cabrel Clements\nGarrett A. Morgan was a Cleveland-based, African American inventor who most notably created the three-signal traffic light and the precursor to the modern gas mask. Set in 1916, this short film explores the business dilemma Garrett faced after he and his brother Frank used an invention of Garrett’s own making to rescue miners trapped in an underground inferno… and then were left out of the story entirely.\nAbout the Filmmakers\nPhilip Musey | Writer, Director, Producer\nPhilip Musey is a writer, director, and producer with a professional background in brand strategy consulting. He loves telling stories about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, the marvels and complexities of multicultural democracy, and the subtle ironies of everyday life. He earned his Bachelor’s in Economics and Government from Harvard University, and enjoys running, reading, and talking to strangers. Philip splits his time between Atlanta and NYC.\nCabral Clements | Producer\n\nCabral Clements is an Atlanta-based producer, passionate about finding and motivating uniquely creative people to tell uniquely creative stories. Clements earned his Bachelor’s in Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies degree from Morehouse College.\nAdrianna Carter | Producer\n\nAtlanta native Adrianna Carter occupied creative spaces from an early age—whether penning plays to be performed in front of family or shooting movies with the family camcorder. These days, Adrianna uses her pen to push progression, telling stories rooted in the South. She writes across multiple genres, from horror (10 Years in 40 Seconds)to offbeat comedies ($ugar Maybe Series), and has garnered awards and recognition for her unique take on everyday people in extraordinary predicaments.\nCameron Carr | First Assistant Director\nCameron Carr is born and bred Harlemite, Filmmaker and Creative Producer based out of NYC. As a pragmatic optimist, and ambition to become the Issa Rae/Jordan Peele/Donald Glover ultimate hybrid: in hand with producing commercials at his Creative agency Wieden+Kenedy NY by day— Cameron’s constant mission is to continue to push, propel and create Black-led stories through film and creative, while spotlighting systemic inequities that often remain unconscious and unspoken in society.\nJohn Dierre | Director of Photography\nBorn and raised in Atlanta, Ga, John Dierre is a filmmaker on a mission to help express the beauty and passion of blackness through a visual language. Learning how to make films through the community around him, he uses his personal expression combined with a camera to help impact audiences with stories, messaging, emotion and movement. The mission reigns in casting light and sharing the many nuisances and passions of who our people are.\nLocation: 23 Jobs Lane Southampton, NY\nFree for SAC members | Non-members 10$\n URL:https://saamuseum.org/calendar/free-film-screening-the-inventor/ CATEGORIES:Film Screening ATTACH;FMTTYPE=:https://saamuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1449927509-fd5128583d2920010dab0a1e2cfbc726d9240022f24623afd9f878950cb59841-d_640.webp END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR