Building a Home

Building a Home


Restoration & Renovation of 245 North Sea Road

Our museum’s home at 245 North Sea Road has been a long time in the making! The building—purchased by the town in partnership with the village, using Community Preservation Fund revenues, in 2006—will officially open its doors in June 2021, with extensive renovations completed by Southampton architect Siamak Samii.

There were many restrictions on what could be altered due to its historical designation. The exterior was given a facelift, including new shingles in the same pattern as the existing, and new windows and doors. Most of the work was in the foundation and creating a new light-filled space in the basement for exhibits and events. The surrounding property was landscaped and fenced for outdoor events and the enjoyment of the community.

The original contractor was taken off the job halfway through, which put the brakes on the project for an extended period of time. And then the pandemic hit, yet again extended the time to completion. 

Below you will find images of the construction and renovation—step-by-step. The many years that it has taken to get to this place are well worth it for the community and for the hearts and minds we hope to connect with. SAAM is not just about exhibits hanging on walls, but about exploring history and culture every day, and we are FINALLY on the brink of opening our doors…a day long in the making and anticipated by all!

Renovation and rehabilitation by Siamak Samii, Architect

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Funded by the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning