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Treasure the Past. Tend to the Present. Transform the Future.

The Southampton African American is the East End’s destination for preserving and promoting African American culture.


Brenda Simmons

Founder/Executive Director 

Anita Farrington


Tiana Grampus 


Brenda Stuart-Luke

Brenda Stuart Luke

Board Member

Prof. Quincy Mills

Board Member

Noel Blackburn

Noel Blackburn

Board Member


Intimate interview by Brenda Simmons Co Founder and Executive Director of the Southampton African American Museum at the home of Ruth Cathey along with Florence (Lee) Etheridge and her husband and High School sweetheart Elton Etheridge. They shared being a part of the Great Migration, attending Southampton Public school and various first job opportunities obtained. 

This conversation revealed some of the racial and sexist discrimination they experienced in school blatantly being told “ You would be Happier with your own kind”. Also Mr. Elton Etheridge who was star athlete tells how he had a chance to become an Professional Baseball player and his longtime career working at the Southampton Golf Course. 

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