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How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Summer Vacation 1973)

1973—The Supreme Court decided on Roe v. Wade; the country found out about the Watergate tapes, and the last day of the Wounded Knee protest ended on my birthday. Everyone was looking for justice, sanctuary, and safety. . .Or law … Read More

Growing Up in Southampton

By Ms. Kandi Conquest It was a good Labor Day Weekend.  The Summer season was a success; the events and gatherings through the summer brought family and friends together again. Old and new traditions were hailed and celebrated. As fall … Read More

The Everyday People Corner

“Sometimes I’m right and I can be wrong My own beliefs are in my song The butcher, the banker, the drummer and then Makes no difference what group I’m in. I am everyday people,  yeah, yeah…” Sylvester (Sly) Stewart I … Read More

Digital Tapestry Press Release

245 North Sea Rd PO Box 2263 Southampton NY. 11969 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 15, 2021 The Southampton African American Museum has been awarded a $125,000 Digital Tapestry Grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. The funds will enhance … Read More